How it Works

📢 Paying gas from your Safe is a native functionality of the Gnosis Safe contracts. For more information, check out the contracts or reach out to our team.


  1. Transactions with Safe gas payments must be created in Den. See the FAQ to learn how to make any transaction pay gas from your Safe.

  2. Your Safe must have enough native tokens (e.g. ETH on Ethereum Mainnet, MATIC on Polygon, etc) to pay the gas fee.

How it Works

When a transaction is created in Den, it is configured by default so the Safe pays the cost of gas to any executing wallet. After you click execute on Den, a relayer executes the transaction on your behalf and is reimbursed by the Safe automatically. You can choose to override this relayer, and execute with your own wallet. In that case, your wallet is reimbursed instead.

If you end up executing this transaction elsewhere, the wallet that executes will be reimbursed instead.

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