What are the security implications of paying gas from a Safe?

Paying gas from your Safe is a native functionality of the audited Safe contract. No new smart contract code is used for this feature. When you create a transaction in Den, the maximum amount is included in the signature itself. The Safe contract enforces that it can not be exceeded. You will see the maximum gas fee, alongside an estimate, when you create and execute transactions in Den.

Will this be more expensive than manually reimbursing signers?

It depends, but is likely to save your team money overall. Each individual transaction will be slightly more expensive to send the gas payment alongside the transaction. However, this feature will remove the need to do independent reimbursement transactions, which are more expensive because they include the added gas cost from validating that an additional set of Safe signatures are correct.

Do signers still have to pay gas?

Signers will only pay gas if they select “Execute (Pay gas myself with auto-reimbursement)” when executing the transaction, or if the transaction was not created with the ability to pay gas from the Safe.

How can I turn an existing transaction into a gas reimbursed transaction?

Navigate to the transaction, click the “Reuse This Transaction” button

🚨 The nonce will not match. If you wish to replace the non-reimbursed transaction, be sure to edit the nonce before submitting

Note: you will have to recollect signatures for this newly created transaction

How do I know if a transaction has gas fees paid by the Safe or not?

Look out for the following alerts:

Every transaction will have one of these on the page, depending on if it was created with gas paid from the Safe or not.

Does the Safe have to pay gas in native tokens?

This first version of gas paid from Safe only supports native token payments. If you want to pay gas in other tokens, let our team know.

What are the maximum possible and estimated gas fees?

The maximum possible gas fee is the most your Safe can possibly pay for this transaction. It is encoded in the transaction signatures and enforced by the Safe contract. The estimated gas fees are what you can expect to pay for the transaction if you execute right now. We use a Tenderly simulation and current network fees to calculate this estimate.

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