Get your multisig transactions built, signed, and executed fast

What is Den?

Den provides a self-custodial, multi-signature wallet for onchain organizations. Teams, including both DAOs and traditional organizations, use Den for managing protocols, interacting with DeFi, onchain operations, and more.

Den is built on top of the Safe Contracts (formerly Gnosis Safe). Safe is the most trusted asset storage mechanism onchain, accounting for over 5% of all cryptocurrency stored. Signing in to Den will automatically fetch your existing Safes. Den does not modify your Safe or add additional contracts.

What problems does Den solve?

Signers on multisigs face a number of challenges. These can result in exposing your team to vulnerabilities, wasting hours of time, or dedicating precious engineering resources towards operations. The major problems Den solves today are:

  • Coordinating - Some teams spend days getting everyone to sign multisig transactions. From needing a hardware wallet that is far away to people forgetting to sign, it can be incredibly challenging to get your transactions executed.

  • Understanding - Onchain transactions are becoming more complex and challenging to read. Complex parameters, numbers divided by 10^18, and a lack of context make it a challenge to be confident that you're doing the right thing.

  • Creating - Creating new transactions is a risky, slow, anxiety-inducing process. Some teams dedicate engineering resources to building custom interfaces and scripts to create transactions. Additionally, most dapps are not designed for multisigs which leads to unusable experiences.

How does Den solves these problems?

Solution 1: Coordinating

Den offers Discord, Telegram and SMS bots that send notifications to your team on a recurring basis until your transactions are executed. The bots are also capable of tagging signers who have not yet signed a transaction, generating stats to see who are the least active signers, and more.

Solution 2: Understanding

Den's transaction page makes understanding transactions easy by parsing even the most complex transactions, allowing signers to simulate transactions to see their outcomes (powered by Tenderly), and enabling signers to add descriptions to transactions so you can share more information.

Solution 3: Creating

Den's transaction creation flow makes it easy to create any type of transaction, whether these are token transfers, dapp interactions, or custom contract calls. Transactions can be created in batch so there are fewer transactions for your team to sign. Lastly, Den allows you to simulate as you create which allows for easy iteration and provides confidence that your transactions will succeed.

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