Safe Contracts

The most trusted platform to manage digital assets

Den is built on the Safe Contracts with no additional smart contract code.

Safe Contracts

Safe is a self-custodial, multi-signature wallet. A multi-signature wallet require multiple parties using individual wallets to sign a transaction before it is executed. The rules of execution are defined in an n-of-m schema, where n is the minimum number of signers needed for a transaction to execute and m is the total number of signers on a wallet. For example, on a 2-of-3 multi-signature wallet there are 3 total signers on the wallet, but only 2 of them need to provide signatures for a transaction to execute.

Safe is deployed on Ethereum and a several other EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) Chains. It currently stores over 5% of all cryptocurrency. You can find more usage data for Safe here (data only covers Ethereum Mainnet):

SafeDAO and Governance Delegation

The Safe Contracts and infrastructure are stewarded by the SafeDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization consisting of contributors across the Safe ecosystem.

Den actively votes in SafeDAO governance proposals as a delegate. If you hold $SAFE tokens, you can delegate your votes to Den on Snapshot to either

  • jgov.onchainden.eth

  • igov.onchainden.eth

Den's voting decisions are shared publicly on Twitter.

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